Summer Camps!!

AFC Summer Camps are Coming!

Arizona Fencing Center’s Summer Camps will be held in June and for the FIRST time a second Beginner Camp Session in July!

Beginner Camp Session 1- June 11-15th- This camp is designed for NEW or Novice (Less than one year of prior instruction) fencers. Camp meets each day Monday through Friday 9am-12 noon. All equipment is provided. Campers will learn the basics of foil and saber fencing and finish with a tournament on the last day!  Cost $175

Beginner Camp- 2nd Session-July 9-13th- Same as above. Will present the same course of instruction as Session 1.

Advanced Foil and Saber Camp– June 18-22nd- The Advanced Foil and Saber Camp is for competitive fencers. Head coach Florin Paunescu leads the camp through intense conditioning and bouting drills. Fencers must have and provide their own equipment including electric. Prepare to be challenged! Cost $275.

Call 480-969-1424 to register or for more details.

AFC Fencer Meets Olympic Gold Medalist Women’s Saber-Mariel Zagunis

Saber Camp With Olympic Saber Gold Medalist-Mariel Zagunis

WELCOME to Arizona Fencing Center

Give us a call- 480-969-1424

We’ve got something for Everyone

 Intro to Fencing or Saturday Children’s Class!

Fencing is one of the four original sports of the modern Olympics-come try for yourself!

Children’s class is now forming-Saturday Mornings!

Fencers young and old, novice and champion are here practicing their skills, learning new ones, preparing for Summer Nationals or just starting in our Introduction to Fencing Class. AFC has a home school program (8 years in the running), children’s classes, and camps (see below).


Fencing for all ages!

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Watch AFC’s video here

Many thanks to Jeremy Tuber for his time and talent!




Where fencers are born, grow and develop into champions…

Arizona Fencing Center welcomes all interested fencers from beginner to Olympic level with our Introductory, Beginner and Advanced classes, open fencing, and private lessons! We have something for everyone. AFC hosts the scouts, birthday parties, team building events, social meeting events, home school fencing programs, and Fencing For All Foundation’s Zorro Project.

AFC is proud to be the home of some of the best fencers in the country. We are very fortunate to have the coaching expertise of  Head Coach, Florin Paunescu. Coach Florin has developed numerous fencers to national and international levels of fencing both here and in Europe; he is the ONLY Olympic level coach in Arizona.


Give your child or yourself a fun and challenging way to build physical and mental fitness! Children’s classes are ongoing and can be joined at anytime. The Introductory Class schedule is updated for Summer and Fall classes.

Children’s Classes, Introductory Classes, Beginner and Advanced classes are all happening now at AFC. If you’ve always wondered about fencing, would like to try something different, or if you have a young Jedi knight at home, AFC has a class for you!



A new season of fencing has begun! All of our fencers are back from their extensive summer travel. Evan Kwan, Nichelle Moore, and Charles Pieper participated in the USFA Summer National Championship AND took a saber camp offered by Olympic Gold Medalist in Women’s Saber! A great opportunity!  The 2017-18 fencing schedule can be found online at usfencing.org or in the club.

Job well done to Charles Pieper, Evan Kwan, Dario Walter, and Nichelle Moore at the Torrey Challenge. The kids are racking up their regional points to qualify for the Summer National Championship held in June/July.

Congratulations to Teresa McBryan for her finish at 28 out of 199 at the 2016 Junior Olympic Championship. This event was Teresa’s last appearance at the JOs as she is aging out! Teresa will be fencing in the Div I Championships in April in Richmond, Virginia.

Congratulations to Ruth Dodge (1st VWF), Rachelle Arama (7th VWS), Pam McBryan (14th VWF), and Teresa McBryan (40th DIV I WF) for their job well done at the December North American Cup held in Baltimore, MD the first weekend of December 2015. Thank you to Coach Florin Paunescu for his time and patience!

AFC’s annual Holiday Potluck will be held Monday December 21st 6:30pm-close. Members, their families and friends are invited.

Summer Nationals are over, summer camps have come and gone and the new fencing season is here! Please check askfred.net, us fencing.org, and the lobby for local and national tournament dates. Click HERE for AZ Division Tournament Schedule.

Fencers training for the Summer National Championship and July Challenge: Ruth Dodge, Don Hughes, Teresa McBryan, Pam McBryan, Genevieve Witter, and Rachelle Arama.

Thank you to all the fencers who came to AFC’s Winter Duel. By far some of the best fencing from all of you this fencing year!

Foil Results: Genevieve Witter- 1st, Riis Lilliebjerg- 2nd, Kody Newman and Gabby Dinsdale- 3T

Sabre Results: Seth Logan -1st, Jackson McBride- 2nd, Ethan Birnbaum and Thomas Jacobs- 3T


AFC was the host of Fencing For All Foundation’s Novice Tournament on January 3rd. The gym was full of novice fencers from AFC’s Beginner, Children’s, and Home school classes as well as students who participate in FFAF’s Zorro Project Program. A fun day for all!

Thank you to AFC volunteers for your help.




Finalists in AFC’s Fall Duel-Foil: Genevieve Witter-1st, Riis L.-2nd, Kody Newman and Markus Norwood -3T! Congratulations fencers!

Foil Finalists- AFC's Fall Duel 2014

Foil Finalists- AFC’s Fall Duel 2014

The 2014-15 competitive season has begun and AFC fencers have already taken part in the October NAC in Portland and are traveling to Kentucky for the November NAC. Congratulations to Ruth Dodge and Rachelle Arama for their participation in the Veteran World Championships in Debrecen, Hungary. Coming up AFC’s Youth Tournament Nov. 22-23rd, the December NAC in Dallas, and the Junior Olympic Championship in February.


Thank you to all who participated in the Banner Children’s Go Fit! A beautiful day and many interested folks!

AFC Serving the community through Fencing For All Foundation

AFC Serving the community through Fencing For All Foundation


Congratulations to AFC Fencers who enjoyed the wonder Prescott Fall Classic over Labor Day Weekend. Medals to Ricky Vaca (1st) and Teresa McBryan (2nd) in the Open Mixed Foil and Teresa (again! 1st) and Genevieve Witter 3rd in the Junior Mixed foil. Great job and a great start to the fencing season. AFC fencers were also in Dallas attending the SYC competing in Y14 and Cadet sabre events.



photo 1photo 2


AFC’s 2014-15 tournament schedule is posted in the club and our season opener (October 4-5) and first Cadet/Junior tournament (November 22-23) can be found on askfred.net! Register Now!

The Prescott Fall Classic is scheduled for Labor Day weekend. Its a wonderful start to the fencing season in Arizona- also can be found on askfred.net.

The USFA Summer National Championship/ July North American Cup is well underway in Columbus, OH. Results thus far:

Ruth Dodge– Gold Medal Veteran Women’s Foil- US World Team Member

Rachelle Arama– Named US World  Team Member- Veteran Women’s Sabre

Teresa McBryan– 16th- DIV Ia Women’s Foil

Jackson McBride– 24th Y12 Men’s Sabre- out of 150 competitors!

Congratulations fencers and Coach Florin!

Arizona Fencing Center Fencers continue to make their way in the national spotlight with Ruth Dodge taking a Gold medal in the Minneapolis NAC in VWF; Rachelle Arama taking Silver in the VWS, and Teresa McBryan placing 19th in the Division I WF National Championship. Congratulations to our fencers along with thanks to Coach Florin for all his hard work!

Best wishes to Teresa McBryan and Genevieve Witter as they head off to Portland, OR for the Junior Olympic Championship held February 14-17.  Genevieve will be fencing in both the Cadet and Junior events; Teresa will be fencing in the Junior event. Teresa recently finished in the top 12 in Juniors and the Virginia Beach NAC. Go Ladies!

Join AFC and Fencing For All Foundation in their support of Tempe Community Action Agency. TCAA representative, Markus Norwood, has placed a box in the lobby for the collection of new and unwrapped toys for children aged 0-15yrs. These toys will be distributed locally by TCAA. Gift cards are accepted too!

Thank you to all the volunteers from AFC who helped with Fencing For All Foundation’s booth and demonstrations at the Mayor’s Day of Play October 26th at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler, AZ.

DSCN0612 DSCN0610

Congratulations to Jackson McBride and Coach Florin for Jackson’s 7th and 8th place finish in the San Diego RYC, men’s Y12, Y14 sabre event!

A new fencing season has begun and AFC fencers have been busy. Matthew Jacobs took 3rd in the Prescott Fall Classic Y14 Mixed Sabre event. Teresa McBryan took 2nd in the Open Mixed Foil event. Other AFC fencers: Thomas Jacobs, Seth Logan, Usha and Naina Bhalla.PFC_2013_2

AFC’s Season Opener-3 Weapon Open will take place Saturday/Sunday September 28-29th. Pre-registration available on askfred.net.

AFC fencers and volunteers will participate in the Banner Youth Fit Expo Saturday October 26th 9am-1pm along with Fencing For All Foundation volunteers at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler, AZ. There are activities for the whole family, fencing, and food!

There are several local, regional and national tournaments in the upcoming months. We encourage our fencers to participate in as many fencing opportunities as possible!

This is getting a bit repetitive-but it is great news! Teresa McBryan took 2nd Place (Silver medalist) in Division II Women’s Foil during the USFA’s Summer National event held in Columbus, Ohio June 28-July7. Congratulations!

We would also like to congratulate Ruth Dodge for her Bronze medal in Veteran Women’s Foil. Ruth’s 3rd place finish secured her spot on the US Veteran World Championship team. The Veteran World Championship will be held in Bulgaria in September.

Congratulations to Coach Florin on his students’ success!

Follow this link to see AFC in action at Channel 12 News ‘Today Show’ Friday January 25, 2013:



AFC’s first tournament of the new year will be held January 26 and 27th at AFC. Look for AFC’s Jr/Cadet/Y  3 Weapon Winter Duel on askfred.net and pre-register. Foil and sabre will be held on Saturday January 26th; epee will be held on Sunday January 27th. The time for beginning your competitive fencing is now!

For those new to fencing as a fencer and/or a fencing parent: once you have chosen your weapon to study (foil or sabre) and are attending classes, it is time to also consider taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity to work one on one with Head Coach Florin. The study of fencing can best be related to the study of a musical instrument. When joining the band or orchestra, the student learns about music and playing with other musicians, however, the individual technique necessary to excel in a particular instrument must be gained through private lessons. The private fencing lesson exists for Coach to work on developing and improving a fencer’s technique; class and open fencing time should be utilized to perfect those techniques through practice if progress is to be achieved.

We here at AFC are very fortunate to have a coach with the credentials and experience of Coach Florin. Don’t miss an opportunity to work with the best to become the best!


AFC announces the start of a new class “Get Fit With Fencing”! If you are tired of the same old exercise routine and would like to try something new and unique to exercise both the mind and body-this opportunity is for you!  All you need are athletic clothing, shoes, a water bottle, and a towel. Call for more information and to reserve your spot now! 480-969-1424

AFC congratulates Teresa McBryan! Teresa placed first in both the Cadet and Junior events in this weekend’s Junior Olympic Qualifier in Tucson. She will attend the Junior Olympic Championship in Baltimore, Maryland in February. Teresa is also leaving for Germany where she will compete in Women’s Foil Tauberbischofsheim GER European Cadet Circuit Event over the Thanksgiving holiday.

AFC is proud to recognize some of our younger fencers who will compete in the Bernie Stein Memorial SYC November 30th – December 2nd in Chandler, AZ. Seth Logan, Naina and Usha Bhalla, and Jackson McBride will all take part in this Super Youth Circuit event.

Good Luck to all!


An excerpt from The Wall Street Journal  Sept. 7, 2012  “Opting Out of the ‘Rug Rat Race’” by Paul Tough:

“American Children, especially those who grow up in relative comfort, are, more than ever, shielded from failure as they grow up. They certainly work hard; they often experience a great deal of pressure and stress; but in reality, their path through the education system is easier and smoother than it was for any previous generation. Many of them are able to graduate from college without facing any significant challenges. But if this new research is right, their schools, their families, and their culture may all be doing them a disservice by not giving them more opportunities to struggle. Overcoming adversity is what produces character. And character, even more than IQ, is what leads to real and lasting success.” (Emphasis added)

What is the connection with fencing?  Fencing provides this opportunity to struggle for your children- to develop character, self-discipline, perseverance, and decision–making skills through their participation, practice and competition. These attributes remain with the student throughout their lives in career and personal endeavors.


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